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Sim-Fi aka Mislorac
24 January 1978
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I have loved the Sims since Sim City came out. My good friend ladydragonair told me about LJ and the Sim stories that people created. I was hooked from the beginning. I created a journal under mislorac and have used it since 2005.

At the end of March 2006, I bought a new computer and the Sims 2! I finally caught up with the universe. So I thought, why not just create a new journal and use it to get my sim stories online. After some careful thought (about 2 minutes) I decided on the name Sim-fi. I enjoy Sci-fi movies and the Sci-fi channel (I can thank my dad for this).

Here's a taste of what I've been up to:

My favorite non-Scifi related series-Pimpology 101
Pimpology 101 Story List


My entries for the idiosyncra_sims contest.
Beautiful Alien Model: Hela Morte
Hela's Photoshoots

Other Works:

7 Deadly Sims
Prologue:The Meeting
Part1- The Discovery
Part2-In The Beginning
Part 3-The Winds of Change
Part 4-To Live & Die in Strangetown
Part 5-Collision
Part 6-The Human Condition
Part 7-By Our Deeds Shall We Be Judged
Part 8-Sometimes the Future Isn't So Bright
PART 9- And The Walls Came Tumbling Down
Part 10- Ghosts of Our Past
Part 11- The Crossroads

A List of other works in the making
Check them out here